The dynamics of the office environment are changing with numerous businesses mandating and recommending employees to work remotely. The transition from office to home can be quite challenging. But how do employees adjust to a changing reality while maintaining high productivity levels and collaboration with colleagues in an office space that has gone virtual? Dive in and get top tips on how you can stay focused, mentally healthy, and easily navigate the new world of work.

Establish a daily routine

Working from home may sound luxurious but the reality is that it’s a complete shift from a normal workday at the office and it can be a huge gravitational pull from what we are used to. Lines between start and end of workdays can be blurred. One effective way to accelerate the adjustment to working from home starts with the creation of a daily routine. The trick is to plan out the day and create a sense of order that maps out tasks to be carried out throughout the day. A structured work routine can help you strike a balance between work and personal life. A well put together to-do list can also help you ensure that tasks do not fall through the cracks.

Set up and organise a workspace at home

The concept of workplace ergonomics also comes into play when you are working from home. Ergonomics is defined as the science of fitting a workplace whether it’s at home or at the office to meet working needs and enhance productivity. Designate a comfortable workstation that offers privacy. In-house location matters too, so you should dedicate a spot that shuts out noise to avoid mentally pulling away due to the presence of family and house chores.

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Use technology for effective communication

Technology advances have made it possible for people to virtually connect beyond professional boundaries. Remote work can drastically change interactions and you can easily find yourself functioning in silo due to not having access to your colleagues in the same setting. Businesses operate as a well-oiled machine with each responsibility interconnected to achieve common goals. This makes communication critical. In this case, it is crucial for teams to leverage digital tools  to check-in with colleagues and maintain team unity. Over-communicating is a necessity to ensuring collaboration with your team members and coordinating productive team workflow.

Self-care is just as important

It’s not a secret that a transition from an office environment to home can upset the balance of what we are used to. New adjustments can take a toll on a person’s overall wellbeing. It’s essential for you to practise self-care and safeguard your mental wellness. It can be as simple as taking a lunch break at the same time as one would if you were working at the office or setting up a sleeping schedule. During this time, physical and creative activities can also keep you motivated while boosting productivity.

The world of work is constantly changing in response to external factors. Although it allows you to enjoy flexibility by canceling out daily commutes, it requires discipline on your part and a heightened sense of motivation to ensure work gets done.

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