Known as the defining app of 2020, TikTok is experiencing exponential growth with over 800 million active users. TikTok has a huge audience base and according to LT Network, the social media platform has surpassed Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat. So, what is this platform all about and why has it driven Gen Z’ers into an internet frenzy? Later defines TikTok as a video-sharing social network widely known for viral content, challenges and lip-sync videos. Should your business jump on the bandwagon? Read on to find out how your company can benefit from making this platform a part of its marketing strategy.

Brand awareness

With over one billion daily views, TikTok offers companies immense opportunities to increase brand awareness and expand their reach, especially if they cater to Gen Z consumers. Brands can also use this platform to boost their video content strategy. This can be achieved through paid ads, advertising, and influencer marketing. The latter, which is a powerful marketing strategy, works best when brands partner with influencers on TikTok to maximise awareness and boost sales.


An added benefit of TikTok is that the platform’s algorithm considers the location of the user. This means that content takes priority in the feed of the brand’s specific country. Based on brand objectives, marketers can find content creators from specific locations and create community videos. This type of localised marketing grants brands the opportunity to connect with a local audience.

Enhanced user engagement

Due to its high volume of content, TikTok has the potential to increase a brand’s engagement rates. To achieve this, brands must keep users invested in their content by constantly delivering humorous and original content. With a majority of TikTok’s demographic consisting of Gen Z, Influencer Marketing Hub suggests it’s imperative for brands to strike a balance between communicating product features or values and meeting the consumption needs of this new generation of customers. Gen Z’ers are in pursuit of fun and interactive content, and a brand should deliver that type of content if they wish to win over younger customers. According to The Infinite Agency, TikTok users are different and do not think twice about engaging on a page, which results in increased user engagement.

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TikTok ads

With a recently launched business platform, TikTok is making it easier for brands to access ad options on the platform. The social media site is taking advertising up a notch. And providing multiple types of ad platforms that brands can leverage to showcase their content. The four types of ads that digital marketers can take full advantage of are:

  • Brand Takeovers – This is a full-screen ad that pops up when a user opens the ap. This type of ad is engaging because with a single click, users are instantly redirected to the brand’s main website.
  • TopView Ads – A TopView Ad is similar to Brand Takeover; the only difference is that the ad only appears five seconds after a user opens the app.
  • In-Feed Native Content – With this ad format, brands fuse their ad content with stickers, filters and other TikTok special effects, making it more unique.
  • Hashtag Challenges – These are sponsored hashtags featured in the platform’s “Discover” banner. Users are redirected to the brand’s page when they click on the sponsored tag. The hashtag challenge ad format can help marketers extend their reach.

There is no limit to what brands can accomplish when they take full advantage of the massive rewards that come with using TikTok. Since the platform is all about video content, it makes sense for brands to implement this social media app as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Digital marketers should be nimble and move with the times if they want to sustain business growth or get new customers. Are you ready to make TikTok a part of your marketing strategy?

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