As a social media manager, it can be frustrating to find time to be everywhere. The good news is that you can make use of social media scheduling platforms to do the work for you. They can help you to maximize your time. Here are 4 of the best scheduling tools and their unique features that you can use at no cost.


  • Hootsuite gives you the ability to manage up to 3 profiles in one place with one password.
  • There is an auto scheduling feature that can save you time by scheduling up to 30 messages in advance to your social profiles.
  • Engagement plays a vital role in social media, on Hootsuite you will be able to engage with your audience.


  • Metrics and analytics prove and improve the value of marketing and Buffer will help you track engagement and interactions on the posts you have published.
  • Its unique Pablo image creator allows you create eye-catching images that will make your post stand out from the crowd.
  • Buffer has mobile apps available on IOS and Android that will help you get your work done while you are on the move. There is no need to get stuck in front of your computer to get the job done.


  • Later allows you to sync photos and videos from your phone, desktop, Google Drive, or Dropbox, this allows you to find your content quickly and easy.
  • Later has a visual content calendar that can help you schedule Instagram posts. You can also preview your feed before posting it to create eye pleasing content.
  • Through Later’s analytics you will be able to establish the best time to schedule your post when most of your audience will be online.


  • Postfity has a built-in photo editing tool that can be used to add adjustments, captions, filters, or frames to a picture of your choice.
  • The free version of Postfity allows you to manage up to 5 social accounts in one platform.
  • Postfity has a unique feature that can be used to track your audience engage and grow in real time.

Final thoughts

It is time for you to experiment and identify which of these scheduling tools will suit you best as they can significantly improve your social media approach. The good news is that they are free, and you stand nothing to lose with everything to gain.

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