When you think of brands, which are the first that come to mind? A few that come to our mind are Samsung, Coca-Cola, Amazon, McDonalds, Apple. Without proper brand management, none of these brands would have achieved the level of success they have. In the words of Richard Branson, “Branding demands commitment; commitment to continual reinvention.” With good brand management, you can begin to put your best foot forward. Let’s find out how.

According to Investopedia, Brand Management is a function of marketing that uses techniques to increase the perceived value of a product line or brand over time. It’s all about capturing the niche market for your product / service and about creating a confidence in the current and prospective customers’ minds that you are the unique solution to solve their problem. A company’s brand is one of its most valuable assets. In other words, it shapes customer’s expectations and carries an assurance about the characteristics that make the product or service unique.

At Channel Reach, we believe that a brand conveys what the company stands for. It motivates the customer, confirms credibility and when implemented properly, it connects emotionally with everyone it meets. More importantly, with our Brand Management solutions we equip clients with strategies, tactics and resources designed to position their brands as leaders in the field.

Source: EDUCBA

In the digital age not much has changed when it comes to brand management. Although how it’s delivered has changed; the role of branding in digital marketing is constantly evolving. It has attained an elevated level of significance. Customers have become more empowered because of the massive amount of information and choices that digital technology allows. They proactively research and review products before making purchasing decisions.

To appeal to a new generation of savvy, well-informed and highly brand literate consumers, brands should pay closer attention to how they portray diversity and inclusivity in their messaging. This is where creative content comes into play. Everything you do has to be consistent with your brand message. Let’s look at some examples showing how storytelling can be a powerful tool in branding.

Toyota took a different approach when marketing the 2018 Camry, cramming as much diversity as possible into one campaign. The automotive brand worked to create eight unique films about the same car. Each spot features people of different ethnicities, races, and lifestyles, and each is designed to tap into unique cultural motivators.

Another good example would be Deloitte’s creative campaign, “Many Voices, One Song”, portraying the importance of inclusion and the value of diversity. It portrays how inclusive marketing is about understanding what makes your audience or customers unique. By highlighting what is interesting, inspiring, or different about them, they might start identifying more with you, and realize your brand aligns with their lifestyle.

The above examples show why customers want to do business with brands they can trust. Your branding efforts need to give your business credibility and affinity with your customer’s values. As mentioned above, the modern consumer is no longer merely choosing products, they are looking for a larger purpose. Therefore, marketers should not only deliver content. Instead, deliver relevant, emotional customer experiences. This necessitates not only the implementation of savvy tactics but a knowledge of what pitfalls to avoid ahead of time. Even the most well-thought out and catchy campaign can fall flat if it doesn’t resonate with the intended audience.

Are you ready to turn your audience into brand evangelists?

Brand management in the digital age is more important than ever before because it offers businesses an opportunity to intensify the customer experience by engaging customers across all digital touch points. To create an authentic identity, brands need to invest a lot of time and effort. Remember, there’s research to be done, competitors to be identified and experts to be consulted.

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