These TERMS AND CONDITIONS govern any contracts/projects created under the CHANNEL REACH (PTY) LTD (registered number 2015/076945/07) name, hereinafter referred to as “Channel Reach”. Terms must be agreed upon prior to the start of a contracts/projects. 


1.1. Terms and conditions may be updated from time to time without prior notice.

1.2. Any pricing packages and plans are subject to change without prior notice.

1.3. Quotations are only valid for Fourty Eight (48) hours from the quotation date unless otherwise stated.

1.4. The price quoted for any work to the Client is for the work specifically agreed on the quotation only. Should the Client decide that changes are required after work has commenced, an additional quotation will be provided.

1.5. Should the Client cause the contract/project to be delayed for any reason whatsoever for a period of TWO (2) months or more, thereby preventing Channel Reach from completing the services, then the quotation shall no longer be of any force or effect and the deposit shall be forfeited by the Client.

1.6. Upon first draft of all work: social media copywriting, media creation, copywriting including website wireframes, design and development, a maximum amount of TWO (2) change requests are allowed. Additional changes will be charged per hour at R500.00 for copywriting and media creation changes, and R700.00 for development changes.

1.7. The date of completion for a once-off project or a monthly service is affected by Client approvals, feedback and information needed from the Client. Timelines will be adjusted accordingly. Should a delivery date be agreed upon, it will remain subject to the timeous submission of, and sign off on, all content required.

1.8. Upon final payment, the Client agrees to allow Channel Reach to use your social media page examples, content created, copywriting, media creation, website, graphical work or other, as part of our portfolio and for marketing and unless otherwise specified. All websites designed or developed by Channel Reach will contain a footnote with a link to our website.

1.9. Content and information: access to social media accounts, brand elements, words/text, including logos and artwork (including photographs) to be used/adjusted must be electronically supplied, unless they are to be created as part of the contract/project.

1.10. Any acceptance in writing or payment made to Channel Reach will be deemed as acceptance of any quotation, invoice, agreement, or statement. Henceforth, the Client is deemed in acceptance of these terms and conditions.

1.11. Channel Reach provides no guarantees or warranties whatsoever.


2.1. Unless otherwise agreed, payment for any work done is only accepted by EFT in South African Rands (ZAR).

2.2. All fees including all fees paid in advance or at a discounted rate are non-refundable.

2.3. A non-refundable deposit of FIFTY PERCENT (50%) is required on acceptance

of the quotation. For monthly contracts/retainers, a non-refundable payment of FIFTY PERCENT (50%) is required at the beginning of the month and the remaining 50% payable at the end of the month upon completion of monthly services. A contract/project will only start after the deposit is paid and reflected in our bank account.

2.4. Should the Client not sign acceptance of the quotation, yet pay a deposit asset out above, Channel Reach will deem the quotation accepted.

2.5. Channel Reach reserves the right to disable, withhold, or delete, the work they’ve done

without notice in the event that the total amount due has not been settled within THIRTY (30) days past invoice payable date.

2.6. An initial FIFTY PERCENT (50%) deposit will be required before commencement of the contract/project. A final FIFTY PERCENT (50%) balance is payable upon the date of completion.

2.8. Interest of TEN PERCENT (10%) per month will be charged on balances which have been outstanding for more than THIRTY (30) days.

2.9. In the event of fees being outstanding for more than THIRTY (30) days, Channel Reach

reserves the right to withhold any work completed until fees are paid in full. During this time Channel Reach holds absolutely no responsibility for any impact/s this may have on the Client.