Social media marketing continued to gain momentum in 2019, as marketers used online platforms to connect with consumers. To get the best results from social media marketing, brands used various innovative strategies.

 We reflect back on some of the top trends that dominated the social media space in 2019.

Social Media Merging with Ecommerce

Social media is increasingly playing a role in driving the growth of online shopping. This saw ecommerce retailers heavily relying on social media to bring customers on board. Businesses have come to the realisation that their online followers are also potential customers. 

Instead of waiting for these potential buyers to browse the online site before making a purchase, retailers began introducing their products on social media pages, in the hope of boosting sales.  

Stories Feature

The stories feature on social media was popularised by Snapchat in 2011. It has since been adopted by other social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

According to Facebook’s Chief Product Officer, Chris Cox, stories stand to surpass feeds as the primary way people share content in the future. Ultimately, brands that wanted to remain relevant, have been transforming their ‘story game’ as it becomes the future of content marketing.

Audience Engagement

For businesses seeking to find growth on social media, engagement has never been an easy feat to achieve. As marketing on social media gained popularity, driving up engagement remained a top priority for digital marketers.

High engagement meant that followers were responding to the message. Savvy marketers have been able to analyse audience sentiments, which helped brands to tailor products and services capable of meeting customer expectations. Social media engagement success also meant that businesses can build long term and meaningful relationships with customers. These long-term relationships become a crucial part of building customer loyalty in 2019.

Social Media Data for Business Growth

As more people interacted with brands online, social media platforms become a source to acquire customer data, that was analysed by marketers for actionable insight.

Forward-thinking organisations adopted machine learning to improve their businesses processes. In 2019, businesses were leveraging these emerging technologies to analyse metrics such as likes, shares, comments and retweets. This was done to make actionable fact-based decisions, as it provided insights into customer behaviour and buying patterns.

More Multimedia Content

The format in which the content is presented on social media continued to carry significant value in 2019. Gifs, live videos, stories and infographics were some of the ways that brand marketers used to present their message to the consumer.

Text alone was no longer enough, with consumers expecting to watch and listen to the message. With advances in technology reshaping the way people continue to consume media content, a multimedia approach become an essential part of social media marketing.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that emerging digital technologies will continue to change the way social media marketers strategise campaigns. The key to successful outcomes, is keeping pace with trends. This calls for flexibility among marketers, so that they can adapt their marketing strategies to match the ever-changing market in 2020.

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