Is social media livestreaming the latest growth accelerator for brands? Livestreaming is on an upward trend, and gradually changing how we experience the internet. From sporting events to entertainment events, livestreaming is exploding in popularity; transforming the way customers consume online content. Influencer Marketing Hub defines livestreaming as video content sent over the internet in real-time, where one creator is streaming content to multiple users at once. The main purpose of livestreaming is to promote a brand, engage with the audience in real-time or host a live conversation. With no fancy video equipment needed, anyone can direct their own live spectacle by using only a smart phone and a social media account.

Why use social media livestreaming?

Digital marketers are continuously seeking opportunities to capture customer attention and give them reasons to always choose their brand. Social media livestreaming gives the audience a front row seat to fresh, real-time digital interaction. When used correctly, this marketing tactic builds trust between customers and businesses. Due to social media livestreaming being “in-the-moment” in nature, it has an increased sense of urgency, therefore producing a limited-time-offer feel that leads to swift customer action.

How can brands capitalise on livestreaming?

Livestreaming across social media platforms has the power to become a powerful marketing tool. A well thought-out and seamlessly executed livestreaming strategy can take your business to new heights. Here’s how you can take advantage of this growing trend:

1.      Host live Q&A sessions

Livestreams are a perfect tool for brands to create a sense of connectedness with customers. These sessions allow brands to create tighter connections and boost engagements. By hosting live sessions, you are in a perfect position to answer the most popular questions about products and services from the audience in real-time.

2.      Launch and promote products live

Planning on creating hype around a new product or service? Look no further than orchestrating a live product launch. Some of the world’s biggest brands such as Apple and Samsung have always launched new products in live events, giving their loyal consumers full access to upcoming products. To get customers excited, these brands often surround the event with teasers and suspense. Livestreaming product launches and promotions give brands the opportunity to streamline sales, attract attention to the product and covert their potential customers into buyers!

3.      Leverage the power of an influencer takeover

The internet is immeasurably a large space. According to Talk Business, influencer marketing is a tried and tested marketing tactic that can change how people view a brand. Having an influencer take over your livestreaming session can be a great endorsement for your brand. Influential social media users have a large following, some even in niche segments and collaborating with them can give your brand access to a large pool of potential customers, bringing awareness to a whole new audience.

Want to get started? Start by choosing the right platform

Live video is versatile and there are now more options for livestreaming than ever before. Digitally-savvy brands are finding new ways to use streaming tools such as Vimeo, LinkedIn Live, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live in their marketing campaigns. It is important to analyse which platform will work best for your livestreaming content in order to attract and retain the right audience. The golden rule of getting this right is choosing the platform which you believe most of your consumers are on. With a plethora of social media platforms to choose from, chances are your audience has an account on more than one social media platform. To maximize your reach, simulcasting or going live on two channels at once might be the solution.

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Ready, Set… Action!

Are you ready to add another digital dimension to your marketing strategy? Social media livestreaming has the power to help brands expand their reach and engage with audiences on an unprecedented scale. To get the maximum results, it is critically important to plan the livestream appropriately, ultimately providing fun and creative content that will keep your brand top of mind.

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