Companies are operating in a landscape where experience sells, and customer satisfaction is critical for marketing success. To achieve this, businesses should prioritise their most important asset – employees. Customer experience and employee engagement are interlinked, and both have equal footing in achieving favourable outcomes.

Engaged employees are empowered employees and in effect has a fundamental impact on the overall employee experience. Here’s how companies can achieve marketing success through integrated customer and employee experience.

How employee engagement leads to better customer satisfaction

Employee engagement can revamp the quality of customer experience. In simpler terms, employee engagement is the degree to which individuals are dedicated and invested in their work, as well as the business. According to the Learning Hub, customer satisfaction is linked to two things – products offered and service delivered by employees. To deliver meaningful experience that builds customer loyalty, businesses should prioritise creating a meaningful workplace culture that motivates and retains employees. Companies can motivate their workforce by developing training programs that upskill and develop employees. In this way, they become experts in product and services offered by the company, in effect providing better customer service.

How you can measure employee sentiment

Understanding how employees feel and what their needs are is the starting point to building a sustainable system that increases workforce morale. Experience management tools can assist businesses with gaining a sense of what is needed to make employees feel valued and motivated. Having this data at their fingertips, businesses are in a better position to make work more meaningful and help employees grow professionally therefore, instilling a sense of pride and belonging.

How building employee satisfaction is key to brand loyalty

Prioritising employee engagement is a key driver behind a satisfied workforce. Developing a sustainable system which emphasises employee engagement is essential to unleash higher productivity levels. Excellent customer service is achievable if employees are working in a satisfactory environment and are driven to go above and beyond for a company. Businesses should therefore create an ideal workplace that encourages and influences employees to deliver service that retains customers and builds brand loyalty.

Happy employees make happy customers

The time to invest in employees and contribute to their professional growth has never been more important. How customers experience a product or service directly reflects the image of a company. Employees are most likely to excel in what they do and offer world-class customer experience when engagement is high. When employees are engaged and valued, they serve customers with pride. It is imperative for businesses to ensure their employees are driven and motivated.

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