Globalisation, digitisation and other mega trends are bringing radical shifts to how we live and work. The impact of the current pandemic has accelerated the future of work, and the need for flexibility, increased diversity, collaboration, and digital transformation in the marketing industry. At the same time, new business models and evolving worker preferences are contributing to the emergence of new forms of work.

What does the future hold? In our blog, we look at how marketing agencies can prepare for the future of work by changing their approach to flexible working, digital upskilling, deploying technology and embracing automation while adapting to the evolving environment and unlocking opportunities brought on by these changes.

  1. The dawn of flexible working

When you hear of “remote or flexible working” what comes to mind? According to a report by Buffer, 99% of employees who don’t work remotely yet, state that they would want to do so at least once in their careers. Flexibility on the other hand, describes any role that breaks the traditional norm of a 9-to-5, five-day week structure. A truly flexible workplace will be one where marketers have the option to work in an environment of their choice with teammates all around the globe. This changes the definition of the workday where it is no longer limited to a set of hours that all workers adhere to. Business leaders will act as advocates of their newly remote employees, encouraging them to brace for and thrive in the future of work.

  1. Digital technology deployment

Digital technology has fundamentally altered the tools marketers use, where they work and how they collaborate. With online meetings, software, and apps, work is more accessible than ever before, providing a sought after flexible working environment. Also, deploying technology with both the employee and customer in mind is crucial. This means for companies to thrive in the future of work, forward-thinking leaders need to apply the human-first approach while utilising technology to accommodate the needs of both their employees and customers.

  1. Upskilling opportunities

Successfully navigating the changing world of work means helping employees acquire the right skills needed for future jobs and tasks. As businesses prepare for the new normal, there will be a heightened need for agencies to retain talent with strong critical thinking skills.

In addition, marketing agencies can craft a talent strategy that develops employees’ social and emotional skills. Taking a more focused approach to providing learning opportunities is not only a by-product of the future of work but something marketing managers need to consider as they build their workforce strategies to ensure they retain top talent. Developing this strategy will also strengthen their organisation for future disruption.

  1. Marketing automation

Automation in marketing is becoming widely adopted and vital in keeping marketing teams efficient. While software applications are expected to become more intelligent, employees will need to become familiar with these technologies and utilise them to be effective and productive. Email Monday estimated that 49% of companies currently use automation as part of their marketing strategy.

Automation tools can learn, analyse and make informed decisions which can, in turn help agencies navigate through complicated situations without compromising on efficiency, speed, or decision-making. With more tasks automated, allows marketers more time for working on tasks that require the human touch.

In Summary

The future of work is not only about creating new ways of working or even how AI is replacing existing jobs. It is also about how we can enrich new human capabilities and integrate them into the workforce, while creating more sustainable agencies of the future. Now is the time to embrace the opportunity to reimagine the transformation journey in a way that puts humans at the centre, innovates at scale and deploys technology at speed. In doing so, marketing agencies will improve their ability to adapt and emerge even stronger.

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