Consistency in brand messaging is one of many factors that determine the growth and success of your business. A study by McKinsey & Company reveals consistency as the secret ingredient to making customers happy across their entire journey with your business.

With consistent, engaging content, you can hit touch points on your audience members’ online journeys, build connections with them, and position your brand to be top-of-mind when they think of their most trusted and liked resources.

Now let’s look at the 5 things to consider for great content:

1. Create Strong Headlines

A good headline sparks interest and invites readers in. Whether it’s for a blog post, a press release or an email, it is important to write catchy, clickable headlines for online copy. With consumers being bombarded daily with content, you need to refine your approach to cut through the clutter.

Headlines should trigger curiosity, make a promise, have a clear purpose and most importantly, be emotionally powerful. Therefore, if you want increased engagement on your website, then the success of your article depends on the uniqueness of your headline.

2. Be Original

It cannot be stressed enough that if you strive for valuable, engaging content it needs to be original. Even if the content has been covered extensively, find an angle to spin it up and make it interesting and fresh. Ever heard of repurposed content? It can work wonders for your site.

A good pointer on originality is bringing your own perspective to the work, as it humanises and makes it more relatable to your audience.

3. Be Creative

When it comes to standing out from the crowd, using creativity to drive traffic to your post is one method of encouraging visitors. Powerful content comes from the real world and reality-based storytelling helps reach audiences in a way that is engaging, effective and tangible.

4. Be Actionable

More often, when readers visit your blog, they are looking to learn something new or find a solution to a problem. Actionable content establishes trust and provides value to your specific audience.

Most times, the introduction will determine the fate of your content. By reading through the first paragraph of your post, your reader will be able to figure out what they’ll learn about based on the concept of actionable content. This provides them with the motivation to read through your work in greater detail.

5. Add Captivating Images and Videos

Your visual identity isn’t just your logo; it’s your entire visual language, the brand essence which is communicated through design. To start with, images connect the dots and serve as an effective way to bridge information together. There are a lot of different types of visual content that you can start implementing into your own social media marketing in order to boost your brand’s engagement. Examples are infographics, cartoons, stock photos, memes, charts and graphs.

Video marketing is proven to connect with people more powerfully than any other marketing method. Knowing how to create professional, engaging video content is key to becoming a successful social media professional. Video content has been shown to attract more consumer attention, improve Search Engine Optimization, drive traffic to your website and lead to more conversions. A consistent look-and-feel to all visuals shared also helps your audience recognise your social content.

Final Thoughts

Quality, consistent content is key to keeping your audience engaged, and can surely take your brand to a whole other level with impressive ease. By utilising the above 5 simple tactics, your path to consistency and quality will become much clearer.

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