Is your business ready to cater and serve millennials? According to Pew Research Centre, millennials are the demographic cohort born between the years of 1981 and 1996. Having grown up in the age of the internet, they are tech-savvy.  Appealing to this new generation is not a walk in park for marketers. Brands must up their game to attract this elusive group to buy into their products and services.

Customer Success Stories

One of the ways that brands can attract millennials is through customer stories. Customer testimonials can make millennials feel that they are part of a story, and their say as a consumer is valuable. Millennials will be attracted to your brand if they see success stories about your products and services changing lives for the better. Digital media platforms have made it easier for such good stories to spread like wildfire. It’s no wonder testimonials are proving to be critical for businesses as customer reviews can provide prospects with the social proof they need to make a purchase.

Gone are the days when advertisers and marketers were the figures of authority. In present times, consumers trust their peer’s opinion when it comes to buying into a brand. This age group doesn’t entertain ‘salesy’ marketers as they can be spotted from a distance. Customers’ stories present authenticity. The aim is to share these stories, with a possibility that they will go viral and sway multitudes.

Be Authentic and Stand for Something

In the past, brands would put a catchy advertisement on print media and simply increase sales from there.  Today millennials expect brands to be authentic and walk the talk. Not only are they expecting to see value for money, but they want brands to stand for something.  Corporate Social Responsibility has become critical for businesses as the public begins to hold brands accountable with regards to social, economic and environmental issues.  Companies must demonstrate good citizenship and show that they have the best interests of the society instead of being in the business for commercial gain.

According to, we are in a new era of doing business, where impact on social good is as important as profits. If a brand is willing to stand for something, they will attract millennials. Sportswear giant Nike has been a leader in taking a stand when it comes to political and societal issues that are a hot topic of discussion in the society. In September 2018, Nike’s experienced a 31% increase in sales after unveiling the Colin Kaepernick campaign after the football player took a stand against racism, which sparked a lot of social media engagement.

Influencer Marketing Strategies

Influencers have taken the world of marketing by storm, as brands leverage social media stars for product endorsement. Millennials are spending a huge amount of time online, but they are not the people to engage with adverts instead they trust recommendations from their peers.

Driven by a desire for authenticity, according to Forbes Magazine millennials are willing to engage with a sponsored advert if it includes their favourite personalities. They are also using social media platforms to discover how brands are promoting themselves. Personalities on social media can personalize a brand for them and if they trust them, they will be willing to support your business.

Leveraging Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms have become powerful tools for brands to ignore. This is where a vast majority of millennials are spending most of their time. These online platforms also give brands access to the critical demographics data that enables marketers and advertisers to tailor products according to consumer expectations. It would be a grave error if marketers were to try appealing to millennials as a whole group without audience segmentation. Social media data provides marketers with valuable data that points them into the right direction.

Promotional marketing campaigns on social media must be uniquely optimized for each platform. You cannot use the same content across all different channels without tweaking it according to its requirements. The whole idea behind refining your content is to make it, post-worthy, as no one would engage with dull content. While maintaining a social media presence is good, brands must be able to give instant response when customers are making inquiries.

Final Thoughts 

Brands must be transparent and embrace technology when they target millennials because this generation values creativity, and technology is an essential part of their lives. Companies cannot afford to ignore them as their spending power continues to contribute to a large part of the market share. Content creators must always optimize their message in such a way that it appeals to the young consumer who is always bombarded with endless marketing content soliciting for their attention.

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