Research by IDC highlighted that brands will shift their focus from traditional offline strategies to modern digital technologies. Customer experience (CX) is no longer limited to physical stores and businesses should consider providing experiences that transcends the confines of brick and mortar. With an increased adoption of technology devices such as mobile phones providing constant connection to the internet, customers expect services to be readily available at a touch of a button.

Here’s how brands can offer a memorable CX and thrive in this digital economy:

1. Understand your customers

Customers are moving online, and this transition requires brands to offer digital customer experiences that create positive relationships and foster customer loyalty. Marketers need to leverage emerging technology to grasp a better understanding of their preferences and online behaviours. Technology now enables marketing professionals to analyse data from an individual buying journey to gain a holistic view of customer needs. With data collected from different touchpoints along the customer journey, brands can then create relevant and personalised content.

2. Rethink UX design

Delivering exceptional and superior CX begins with intuitively designing a user experience (UX) with the customer in mind. UX relates to positive or negative perceptions customers have after interacting with a website or online portal. A well-designed UX drives traffic and influences customers to interact further after landing on a website, ultimately offering users a seamless online experience. Brands committed to improving UX can retain web visitors and easily convert users into customers.

3. Use technology to make it possible

Technology is a major enabler in redefining customer experiences. Marketers need to embrace digital transformation and seize opportunities to get ahead in a saturated and competitive landscape. Thanks to innovative tools such as artificial intelligence, brands can analyse customer sentiment, design intuitive user interactions and enable real-time engagement. By simplifying engagement across all touchpoints, brands gain an upper hand in an era where CX has become the main differentiator.

When it comes to CX in digital marketing, marketers need to focus on marketing strategies that aim to please customers, placing added emphasis on strategies that work towards improving CX for the targeted audience. Putting the customer first and ensuring frictionless customer service along the buying journey should be a non-negotiable. Digital marketing agencies need to rise up to the challenge in the digital economy and shift their focus to catering to an informed, digitally-savvy customer base.

Final thoughts

CX should be a top priority for decision-makers in the digital marketing industry. An enhanced customer experience unlocks countless opportunities for marketers to boost traffic and increase sales. Shifting from traditional to digital customer experience is the key to ensuring success, enabling brands to innovate and meet the demands of ever-evolving customers.

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