It’s often said, sharing is caring!

In the information age, content curation has become a great way to share information with others in the internet driven society. In its basic form, it is gathering content from various sources on the internet with the intention to organize, add input and share it with your audience. Victory belongs to those with the best content, hence the phrase, “content is king.” However, curating the best content is not a walk in the park, as it requires impeccable writing, researching, and presentation skills.

Source from a variety of sources

It is recommended that when curating content, you should make use of a variety of sources. Taking time to explore through different sources will give the content curator access to choose from a wealth of information.

Over-reliance on one source is risky business, as it may seem like you’re benefiting and profiting from someone else’s hard work. Curating from multiple places will earn you credibility and turn you into a respected source of knowledge.

Add your own point of view

Instead of sharing content as it is, you need to add your own voice to it. Adding commentary will reflect the voice of your brand. It is also showing readers why that piece of work matters and its significance. Everyone can click the share button on social media but adding a new dimension on the original work will set you apart from the crowd. Don’t be the person who adds to the noise.

Acknowledging the source

It is a good practice to acknowledge the original source of the information. By doing this, relationships will be formed with other experts relevant and influential to your industry.

Also, not only is it an ethical thing to do, but if the original authors are impressed with your work, they will reshare it and mention you. This will expose your brand to new audiences and in the long run ultimately set you up as a thought leader.

Organizing your content

After sourcing the content, it is important that it’s published in an organized manner. You don’t want to bombard your audience with an endless stream of content. There must be a consistent flow.

This is where social media scheduling tools will fit in, to keep content flowing in an orderly manner. The good news is that you can make use of free scheduling platforms to do the work and achieve consistency in terms of timings and amount of content being posted.

Final Thoughts

Content curation has become an integral part of many businesses, when establishing a meaningful online presence. As part of content strategy, they mix it together with content creation to drive SEO. One of the benefits of content curation is that it keeps you informed. This offers an opportunity to keep up with the latest developments in your field.

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