In today’s world, blogs provide a great platform for anyone, from amateur enthusiasts to experts to reflect on the subject of their choice.

Unlike a personal journal, you want people to read your content. Here at Channel Reach we’ve compiled our guidelines for producing comprehensive blogs that will get you those clicks and exposure.

Use of bullet points

  • Writing in bullet points makes it easy on the eye and the mind for the reader to get through the content. It can be discouraging for the reader to go through your content if it is presented like an essay.
  • Bullet points will give the reader a sense of that they can read through your content with ease.
  • Writing for online consumption is different from other forms of written communication. Together with bullet points, make use of white space so that your content is neatly presented.

Get straight to the point

  • Competition for audience attention is tough on the internet, as people are spoiled for choices. Your readers can quickly lose interest.
  • If you can get straight to the point, it will be a step in the right direction to write for the hard to please online audience.
  • There is no room to beat around the bush. Be concise and clear as this will help you to stay within an acceptable word count of 350-400 words.

Introduction and conclusion

  • Your blogs need to have a good introduction and conclusion, this will help you to construct a suitable beginning and ending for your content.
  • In the introduction, the topic to be discussed will be identified and context will be set. Since you do not want to leave you readers hanging, make use of a conclusion to provide closure while also leaving them with food for thought.

Punctuation, grammar and spelling

  • While you have passion for your subject, try to demonstrate the highest standard of English as well-written content is well-received and easier to understand.
  • Punctuation, grammar and spelling must be on point or you run the risk of losing credibility.
  • Take time to reread your content before hitting the publish button, this will help you catch grammar, spelling and other minor stylistic errors.

Final thoughts

With proper planning behind it, blogging remains an effective way to express your ideas in detail. When properly executed, blogging can earn you a loyal following who will keep coming back for more. This will both grow your audience and increase your brand exposure.

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