Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no doubt the current hot topic everywhere. This technology is leaving its footprint in almost every domain and marketing is no exception. The availability of rich datasets is further empowering a growing number of marketers and encouraging them to adopt data-driven approaches to their marketing decision-making processes. The combining of AI technology with marketing strategies is helping create new levels of customer interactions.

Imagine collecting relevant and accurate data on one platform without incurring any human error -sounds interesting? Well yes, because the tools to make this possible are available. In this blog post, we’re going to look at why AI is becoming a hot topic and how it’s transforming digital marketing. Let’s get started!

Better understand customers

Marketers are in a better position to understand customer needs with the data they collect. They can use AI to better understand every touchpoint of the customer journey. This rich data allows them to create a personalised experience for each customer. When it comes to websites, AI helps collect information on every visit, including time of the day, geolocation of the user, type of device the website was accessed from and other data points that are useful in delivering a relevant user experience. Marketing teams can also use this information to identify pain points in the purchasing methods and product gaps.

Enhance customer experience with personalisation

Furthermore, AI’s ability to personalise services is probably causing the most excitement in the marketing industry. Forward-thinking companies are already using these insights to improve both customer experience and customer retention. Take for example, Netflix’s recommendations algorithm, which is driven by AI, has cemented its place as the world’s leading subscription streaming service, with approximately 158 million subscribers. It considers the viewer’s personal preferences, viewing history and demographics to predict with a high degree of accuracy to suggest new shows and movies. Businesses not using AI technology spend a great deal of time and manpower collecting this data rather than focusing on building a powerful strategies that improve customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence in SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essential for businesses in today’s world. Search engines rely on AI and Machine Learning (ML) to serve up answers to natural language queries everyday across desktop, mobile and voice search. AI-powered SEO tools are being deployed by marketers to do more with less. The power of AI has given marketers the ability to analyse information, make decisions and carry out optimisation tasks, freeing up time for SEO professionals to focus on more creative and strategic tasks.

Enhance email marketing

AI is changing email marketing for the better with 1:1 personalisation. It enables marketers to personalise their emails and deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time in an automated way. AI and ML have made it easy to identify accurate details of customers and effectively segment them into clear groups.

This technology lets companies sustain the modern customer by translating the collected data into relevant, unique and timely emails for each individual customer. If you haven’t incorporated AI into your email marketing strategy yet, now is the right time to begin doing so for improved in-the-moment personalisation.

Improve conversational marketing

Conversational marketing exists to help businesses become more human. AI is quickly changing how we think about conversational marketing, in other words, marketing via chatbots across websites and messaging platforms. AI-based chatbots have evolved into understanding natural language without input and direct commands. These external-facing customer agents are proving to be effective in managing large volumes of customer inquiries and responding to requests. Customer response and satisfaction is key for any business, especially in this digital era where brand image ranks high.

Final Thoughts

So, what does the future hold? In 2020 and beyond, it’s important for digital marketers to implement AI in their business efforts to provide exceptional experiences for customers. Bernard Marr predicts that more significant reliance on automation which will free marketers from time-consuming yet essential administrative work. He adds that businesses will be rolling out ML solutions that offer personalised customer experiences, opening more opportunities for human and AI collaboration.

What’s clear is that AI is having a profound effect on how companies talk to customers, automate tasks, target new audiences and deliver more relevant experiences. It can now enable marketers to fulfill a dream previously considered impossible – to engage with every individual customer in a personalised and meaningful way.

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