Social Media Stories: Creative ways to use them for your business

Social Media

Are you using social media Stories for your business yet? If not, you should be.  

Stories are the perfect medium for telling your brand narrative, posting exclusive offers, promoting new products, and more. They offer a personal and interactive connection which increases audience engagement, trust, and loyaltyToday, Stories are fundamentally changing how we share content and they hold a huge significance for a successful social media strategy. 

For digital marketers that rely on social media to reach their audiences, this presents brand new opportunities. In our blog, we’re going to discuss the increasing importance of social media Stories and how to use them for your business.   

Firstly, Stories allow you to use photo, video, text, emoticons, and tags to create both long and short-form content. They are typically uploaded from mobile devices, recorded in vertical format, and set to expire after 24 hours. Here’s an example of how Starbucks uses Stories to share customer testimonies, new product launches, and other interactive content. 

Source: Hubspot 

At Channel Reach, we use our Instagram Story format to engage with followers and build brand awareness. It’s also a great place to boost the visibility of our feed posts. With Stories, the possibilities are endless. 

Buffer’s State of Social 2019 report states that 57% of brands have found Stories to have been an effective part of their social media strategy. An even better digital storytelling strategy would be for marketers to strike a balance between high-production Story posts and simpler, in-moment experiences that help users feel connected to the brand. During the COVID-19 pandemicStories have become the new home of live event streams, and a place for users to donate and buy gift cards to support businesses in their local community. 

How Stories are used can vary from platform to platform. The question you are probably asking is “Which social platform should I publish Stories on?”. Instagram and Snapchat were the earliest Story pioneers. Instagram provides strong business marketing options similarly to Facebook. The platform is known for striking visual content and your Stories should be treated no differently. Given that you only have a split second to grab your audience’s attention, make sure your Stories compel them to keep watching by using bright, contrasting colours in your fonts or overlays.  

Regardless of whether you choose Instagram, Facebook, or any other popular Story platform, use interactive features, and get to the point. Remember, it’s all about understanding your audience and meeting them in the moment.   

On the other hand, Stories also give brands the opportunity to sell products directly. As social media’s influence grows, social commerce is becoming an increasingly important channel in online shopping. According to Business Insider Intelligence, top platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat have upgraded their commerce offerings in the hopes of becoming shopping hubs as social commerce takes off. 

To integrate Stories into your social media marketing strategy, be prepared to create a lot more content than you’re currently promoting. Adapt your Stories strategy for individualised, scalable content that’s relevant and engaging, since Stories are time-sensitive and in-the-moment.  

Ready to tell your Story? 

It’s undeniable that Stories are changing the face of social media and can make a significant impact. So how can your brand effectively tap into this opportunity? By understanding the increasing importance of social media Stories, you can stay ahead of the curve and keep your audience engaged without missing a beat. 

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