Guide to Social Media Image Sizes

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are frequently changing the image sizes and formats. High-quality and creative imagery is imperative to social media marketing success; therefore, it is important to keep abreast of all updates.

Imagery enables brands to better
communicate the intended message. High quality images that are optimized
for each social network allows brands to maintain a consistent and attractive
style, regardless of the platform.

Let’s dive into optimizing social
media images with the right sizing.


Using images is hands-down the best
and easiest way to increase engagements on twitter.

Image Type Pixel Size Image file size Image Type
Profile Image 400 x 400 2MB JPG, GIF, PNG
Header Image 1500 x 500 5MB JPG, GIF, PNG
In-Stream image 420 x 220 5MB JPG, GIF, PNG


Featuring high-quality imagery on
Facebook shows your audience that your business is legitimate, reputable, and
pays attention to detail (no matter how small).

Image Type Pixel Size Image file size Image Type
Profile Image 180 x 180 2MB JPG, GIF, PNG
Cover Image 820 x 312 High Resolution JPG, sRGB, PNG
Shared Image 1200 x 630 High Resolution JPG, GIF, PNG
Event Image 1920 x 1080 High Resolution JPG, GIF, PNG
Highlighted Image 1200 x 717 High Resolution JPG, GIF, PNG


LinkedIn is primarily for networking with other
professionals, but it’s also a resource for businesses to connect with other
businesses, prospective employees, and industry leaders.

Image Type Pixel
Image file size Image Type
Profile Image 400 x 400 10MB JPG, GIF, PNG
Personal Background Image 1584 x
Company Logo Image 300 x 300 4MB (square layout) JPG, GIF, PNG
Company cover Image 1536 x
Banner Image for Company Pages 646 x 220 2MB JPG, GIF, PNG
Square Logo 60 x 60 2MB JPG, GIF, PNG
Company page Hero Image 1128 x


Instagram is all about visuals, which
should make the importance of high-quality images critical for this social

Image Type Pixel Size Image file size Image Type
Profile Image 110 x 110 High Resolution JPG, GIF, PNG
Thumbnail Image 161 x 161 High Resolution JPG, GIF, PNG
Photo Image 1080 x 1080 High Resolution JPG, GIF, PNG
Instagram Stories 1080 x 1920 4GB JPG, GIF, PNG


YouTube is another very visual
platform. Making your channel look professional is not a difficult task. The
first step towards achieving this is with a high-quality YouTube channel art.
Here are the specifics:

Image Type Pixel Size Image file size Image Type
Channel Profile Image 800 x 800 High Resolution JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP
Channel Cover Image 2560 x 1440 4MB JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP
Video Uploads 1280 x 720 Minimum HD HD

It’s now time to take your visual
content strategy a step further to successfully drive more engagement to your
social media platforms. Get ready, get set, go!

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