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Customer Experience

We recently attended the Adobe Experience Forum where marketing industry experts from Adobe and Deloitte touched on digital trends and technologies that come into play to enhance customer experience in today’s marketing and ecommerce world. Learn how data impacts customer experience.

Adobe’s Axel Shaefer expanded on how marketers must shift focus toward achieving a seamless customer experience and moving from the digital space to omnichannel maturity.

Here are 4 factors that play a vital role in creating a seamless CX across every touchpoint:

  • Consistency is key for marketers to create seamless offline and online customer experience.
  • Create compelling content that will drive a digital customer experience strategy
  • Data-driven marketing that focuses on the individual, ultimately resulting in a seamless customer experience.
  • Customer data holds the key to success for marketers in driving an enriched customer experience.

Shaefer highlighted 3 priorities business organizations need to focus on:

  • Content and experience management
  • Audience and data management
  • Analytics

In order to deliver a seamless customer experience, marketers need to understand the path of the customer and the market to adapt and leverage the data gathered. Shaefer gave 5 recommendations companies can implement to bridge the digital gap:

  • Integrate digital into every part of the business and embrace the omnichannel experience.
  • Align AI & ML technology investment with CX strategy to drive a seamless customer experience
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of a data-driven approach
  • Delivering real-time personalised experiences and agile content is expected
  • Understand the business case for emerging technology

Deloitte’s Riaz Osman shared some insightful thoughts on how marketers can stay relevant in the changing digital landscape through a reimagined customer experience.

Customer experience and emotions play a vital role in the buying process and ultimately contributes to the success of a business. Marketers need to ask a simple question: what do customers want? With this simple formula marketers can crack the customer experience conundrum:

Segmentation + Behaviour + Emotional = Tailored experience

Marketers need to reach out to customers and identify what customers want, their feelings towards products and services, and their preferences; in order to deliver the ultimate customer experience. Data enables insights to make the right decisions to drive CX and create an emotional connection with customers. Marketers need to filter data that enables a personalised, omnichannel customer experience.

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Adobe Magento’s Sean McCarry highlighted that by 2020 online customer experience will be more important than the price and functionality of a product or service.

McCarry suggested 3 steps business owners can take into consideration when creating a unique and profitable customer experience:

  • Experience perfection – personalised experiences are truly transforming the conventions of what can be sold online
  • Fast and frictionless – every experience should not only be shoppable, but increasingly low-consideration purchases will become unconscious
  • Post purchase bliss – A brand is nothing without a great ‘post-purchase’ experience. It starts with delivery excellence and extends into the long-term experience of product ownership

The marketing industry is competitive and for companies to remain relevant; business leaders need to focus on utilising the right technologies to drive seamless online and in-store customer experience.

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With all these great insights shared, some of our key highlights and focus for the year ahead are:

  • Creating content that is engaging, customised and that speaks to the audience on social media platforms
  • Learning how artificial intelligence capabilities can enable our company to deliver exceptional outcomes
  • Businesses must own the customer experience in order to stand out of the crowd and thrive in the competitive marketing industry

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